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Brandon T. Jackson On Whoopi’s ABC Suspension & Bloodlines

Comedy Hype+ Social Commentary - Post By Kevin Douglas


Brandon T. Jackson continues his talk with us. In this moment, the comedian and actor comments on Whoopi Goldberg being suspended from ABC’s ‘The View’ over her comments on the holocaust. He gave a history lesson with Comedy Hype in the video below.

Brandon T. Jackson returned to Comedy Hype to once again speak on his relationship with the Most High. He had previously told the outlet that his career and his personal life was turned upside down after dressing up as a woman in Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son.

“Everything went wrong when I put on that dress,” he claimed.

He went to further to explain that it was more than just about the movie in an interview with TMZ. He clarified that he believes God cursed him for going against the Bible and wearing women’s clothing.

“If you don’t follow all the commandments that the Father says to do, you’ll be cursed,” he said.

“My power source is always through a blood line covenant,” he continued, explaining basically nothing.

TMZ followed up by asking Jackson if he regretted playing a gay character in Tropic Thunder, and he held the same line.

“I think I was on thin ice then with the Father, but he had his mercy. And his grace was there,” he said.

“But I don’t regret anything in my journey. I just know that my power source only allows me to do what I’m able to do…My power source is from the most high God of Israel. And the worst thing you can ever be in this country is anti-Semitic.”