Brandy Accused Of “Disrespecting” Foxy Brown On Queens

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Foxy Brown is infamously known for her beef with Lil’ Kim, but she has also not seen eye to eye with Queens television show stars Brandy and Eve.

Years ago, Brandy, made a comment concerning not liking women hip hop artists who who call women bitches and hoes. The female rapper used an example was Foxy Brown and the interviewer asked Brandy if she liked Foxy which she replied with no. Foxy Brown caught wind of the interview and responded by saying, “well, I don’t like Brandy & her popcorn image.”

The debate with fans over the two artists has been long going and covered by sites such as XXL. The irony of Brandy now portraying a rapper on a television is not remiss with long time rap fans. On the show, Brandy acts as a late 90’s rap sensation with fellow members that are portrayed by other real life 90’s stars in Eve and Naturi Naughton (who portrayed Lil’ Kim on Biggie Smalls biopic “Notorious.”


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Nasty Bitches is the 90’s group name on the television show that took fans back with a rap battle. The women provide bars towards each other over instrumentals for Cam’ron’s “Oh Boy,” Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm,” and Black Rob’s “Whoa”:

“This ain’t milli vanilli, you think we your puppets, that’s the difference, we tryna have our own voice heard, but you ain’t listening, you so high on your pedestal, thinking you got control of what you let us do, my pen is equally incredible, I’m not just looks, i’m not your pretty lil ornament, it’s like Miyagi versus Daniel in the tournament…”

The response to the verse above included, “A broken home couldn’t break me, money happiness on the surface short changed me, you thought it woulda changed me, pretty girl insecure no mirror could save me, now I’m wit a bunch of queens look at what it made me…”

After the episode, Love and Hip Hop reality star, Hazel E had some choice words for the iconic R&B star.

Hazel E comments about the Foxy Brown reference made by Brandy’s character in the latest episode of #QueensABC

“I ruin careers, ask Foxy”

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