Jack Harlow was on the minds of hip hop fans when he released his album, but lately he has been discussed due to an appearance on Hot97 earlier this month. His lack of knowing the voice of the iconic Brandy and did not know about her being the sibling of Ray J.


Though a few days late, Brandy gave a reaction to the interview. She issued a warning to Jack that she’d out-rap him over his own beat and then sing him to sleep. And while Jack Harlow responded with a post on his Instagram page, Brandy kept her word.

This morning, Hot97’s Ebro In The Morning debuted a brand new freestyle from Brandy over Jack Harlow’s #1 hit single, “First Class.” Though she didn’t necessarily drag him like you’d expect from a diss record, she didn’t hold back from boasting about her accomplishments and influence in music and entertainment as a whole. Fans offered Brandy her flowers immediately afterward with some claiming that Jack Harlow got “bodied.”

Brandy first showed her rapping chops on the  ABC Queens show where her character got into a “rap battle” with Eve’s character. However, Brandy previously put her bars to the test on her album Human and took on the moniker Bran’Nu.

Check out some of the best reactions below.