Breakfast Club vs Lyor Cohen


Lyor Cohen is the head of Youtube Music and is an industry veteran who has been in the industry for decades. Dame Dash has spoken about him over the years as a culture vulture. He speaks with Breakfast Club.

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The Breakfast Club talks with Cohen   for over an hour on various topics that included posing with Kanye West in a MAGA hat, ignoring the existence of Dame Dash, working for the National Bank of Israel, starting 300 Entertainment, and nearly signing Drake to Def Jam.

He says that the popular Toronto rapper reneged on a handshake deal the two had for him to sign with Def Jam. “The truth is Drake shook my hand. It doesn’t matter. He didn’t stop the party. I’m happy for him and I’m happy for his fans. It didn’t hurt my feelings, but you know I’m old school,” Lyor admitted.

There is something   off with his comments  as Cohen’s relationship with Island Def Jam back in 2004, while Drake  signed a deal to Young Money Entertainment in 2009 during Lyor’s tenure at Warner as chairman  through 2012.




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“Who’s Dame Dash? I don’t even know him. You’re bringing his name up. I don’t even know him.”

One of the moments from the interview that has become fodder for the internet  is that Cohen denied knowing Dame Dash. This obviously flies in the face of complaints by Dash about how Cohen is a culture vulture.




Dame Dash came online to call Cohen a liar.

Thanks for this #liarCohen… for proving my point in true #culturevulture form…they make money off us and then try to erase our true history and act like the real ones never existed… not gonna happen bro…I benched you for the culture…enjoy your desk job at @youtube …your going down in history for who you really are…I made sure of that… @2mabasa how do you even work with this clown…look how he disrespect yours brothers #staytuned @culturevultures_book.. and y’all see he’s unapologetic…he pays his bills at the expense of us… big question is why can’t he sell any rock music?…why can’t he eat with his own culture?..stop fronting on my people like you mean something… your own culture laughs at you …