Brenda From 2Pac’s Music Video Classic Speaks Out

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One of Tupac’s most memorable music videos was “Brenda’s Got A Baby” about teenage pregnancy and the actor Ethel Love who played the role has broken her silence.

Tupac Shakur admitted his classic song, “Brenda’s Got A Baby”, was about a news story he saw in New York Times newspaper in 1991. It inspired him to write the story of a teenage girl going through the issue of pregnancy mixed with sexual abuse. The music video still touches the hearts of music lovers of new and older generations til this day as can be seen in this reaction video below.

The article appeared on NY Times March 28th, 1991, and was an emotionally driven story that explained how a 12 year old girl who admitted that she had thrown the baby down a trash chute shortly after giving birth in her apartment in the building. The 12-year-old’s name was not released and did not get charged with a crime.

A patrolling officer fortunately was able to save the child’s life. “His feet were sticking out from under some newspapers,” Sergeant Insardi said. “There was the baby, lying on top of the garbage. He wasn’t making a peep when I got there.”

Investigators said the baby had not been injured by the long fall down the chute. “It’s a miracle, alright,” Sergeant Insardi said.

Now the visuals that Tupac Shakur had created in making the scene had a young woman who has been mistaken for LisaRaye McCoy. She has now come out in public to tell her story about being that young girl portraying this sad story which Tupac encapsulated into a timeless music video. Check out her interview with Art Of Dialogue below.