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Breonna Taylor’s Estate Settles for $12M in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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The City of Louisville settled to pay Breonna Taylor’s estate $12 million in a wrongful death lawsuit.  “Her beautiful spirit and personality is working through all of us on the ground, so please continue to say her name: Breonna Taylor,” her mother, Tamika Palmer, said on Tuesday.

She added, “It is time to move forward with the criminal charges because she deserves that and much more.”

Breonna Taylor’s death is widely known and documented as  the 26-year-old EMT who was killed in March in her sleep while a group of thugs, I mean police officers, intruded into her home without knocking and while wearing regular clothes.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron claimed the investigation was still ongoing but recent reports suggest that authorities are just trying to save themselves.

Breonna’s ex-boyfriend says the cops want him to name his late-ex-girlfriend as a culprit in a drug ring operation which he refused to do.

Later reports refuted initial claims that the officers who fired the deadly shots weren’t wearing body cams, it was discovered that at least one of them had a camera.

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