BriteSide Marijuana Commercial

Canada recently made cannabis legal in its country, but BriteSide Cannabis already had in works the first official commercial promoting marijuana to customers in the open market. Check out the video above. 


A new article has come out about the effects marijuana may have on one’s sex life. Canada is in the mix of realizing a big boom to the economy according to Bloomberg

Between them, eight of Canada’s largest cannabis companies are now actively recruiting for approximately 1,700 positions, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Many companies say they expect that number to grow as they expand production facilities after Canada legalized recreational marijuana in October.


Also, the concerns surrounding the environmental effects of cannabis are currently being debated in the media. The video below delves into the topic of probably the real reason why cannabis took so long for certain regions of the world to make it legal.
Cannabis cultivation is proven to be a potential threat to our environment. But how are cultivators perceiving this and what are their future plans for sustainable production? While you are still wondering, cultivators are rapidly transforming their facilities into Greenhouse model because: 80% of electricity consumption can be saved 42% of carbon emission can be eliminated More and more statistics you can find in my recently published report here: