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Brooklyn Claps Back At We Love Hip Hop Network

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It all started when female rapper, Paris Richards, out of Toronto, called out Toronto blogs for having a bias against women artists. In support of “Women’s History Month,” Brooklyn seemed to be the topic of discussion in the city for calling out the urban media market.


Brooklyn, who has been doing live event hosting for the city’s top hip hop events such as TDot Fest, decided to confirm the behind the scenes disadvantages that women encounter in the entertainment industry in the city. She has also spoke out against the injustices of the justice system and the out of control violence in the 6ix.


Brooklyn has also initiated “Dear Black Men” organization in her city. “Dear Black Men” is a call for black male heroes from their communities to take action in rebuilding the values and reducing crime and other issues that we are facing internally within the black community.  You can check out the “Hope In The 6ix” interview here.