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Brooklyn Tea Talk With Author Sharon Mitchell Exclusive

Brooklyn's Tea Talk - WorldWide Entertainment TV Network Exclusive

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WorldWide Entertainment TV’s “Women’s History Month” celebrations with Toronto authors continues. Brooklyn Tea Talk speaks with Sharon Mitchell. She is a mother who put her experiences into thoughts and poetry.

Hailing originally from Jamaica, Sharon Mitchell moved to Canada and started life in the Jane & Finch area. On March 12th, 2022, she partook in an event that was simply called “Author’s Convention.” It gave authors from the city some exposure and time to meet and greet with their readers. Brooklyn Tea Talk was at the event to speak with the inspiring people that influenced the event.

Sharon Mitchell revealed that she loves working with children and her experiences as a mother and daughter have given her insight into how to reach the youth. She sees herself as the “Jill Of All Trades.” As a member of the Toronto School board, the author has used her book as inspiration for a line of “diversity dolls” to overcome bullying.  Known as SMJ Dolls (Sharon Mitchell Journey Dolls), is something that she believes “can give children and even some adults hope in their mind that this world is our home that we live together and we need to learn how to change it.”