Buju Banton Talks About Vaccines, Catholic Church, & More

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The legendary dancehall artist, Buju Banton, jumped on social media to speak on various topics that include the controversial mandates concerning coronavirus, entertainment industry, and more.

Banton made headline news in recent years for his imprisonment in the United States and his successful comeback to the music world. He has been representing Jamaica with his conscious music for decades, but he was rather silent about the whole ordeal with the coronavirus quarantines, lockdowns, and social distancing.


The iconic Jamaican artist seems to be calling out the media for only spreading one narrative, while alternative narratives get given the negative connotation as “fake news.” He believes there is a  spiritual war going on that a lot of people may not be realizing due to being pressured against their will. Although he is one of the biggest entertainers out of Jamaica, he does not categorize himself as an “entertainer” because he feels those who just entertain are sometimes clownish.

He spoke about people needing to open their eyes to the current state of the world and to research what they see on local television along with watching other broadcast networks from around the world to make solid decisions. He also dropped commentary about religious institutions being restricted and also corrupted with current mandates.

Banton breaks down his views in the video below.