C4. Benard Set To Release Debut Mixtape


C4.Bernard is set to release his debut mixtape “Daydreaming” September 30th.  His heavy focus on lyricism is often compared to J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar.  C4 continues to pay homage to the hip hop greats before him.
C4 gained a huge following on TikTok this year after going viral multiple times; Amounting in a following of 44k+ followers.  His first four singles continue to gain streams on Spotify with each release garnering more plays.
“Daydreaming” will be C4.Benard’s first full project release.  The project not only highlights his lyricism and storytelling ability, but also his talented in-house producers (Jame$50 and Hugo) and production team.
This 13 track mixtape takes listeners on a journey from beginning to end.  from upbeat tracks to deep, soulful and reflective tracks.  Covering a variety of topics such as mental health, addiction, relationships and never giving up on your dreams.  Each track adding another layer to the overall story of the mixtape.
The mixtape boasts only four features which include Prince Smith (‘Sign’), Piper Page (‘Movie’), Nida Beans (‘Caroline’) and Johnny 2 Phones (‘Risky’).
C4.Benard’s latest single ‘Respectfully’ is out now and the music video is currently on VEVO.  It’s a satirical boom bap track that is all about irony.  With 10k plays and counting it’s sure to tide you over until the release of the “Daydreaming” mixtape September 30th on all music platforms.