California Rapper Indian Red Boy Shot & Killed On IG Live

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An Instagram Live segment turns into a deadly situation for hip hop artist from California. According to multiple outlets and police personnel, 21-year-old rapper Indian Red Boy was shot and killed on Thursday (July 8) while inside of his car. There are multiple videos circulating the internet, as we speak, that shows the now-late man talking to a friend on Instagram Live at the time and then getting shot while still on camera.

According to Lt. Ti Goetz of the Hawthorne police department, authorities were called to the 14100 block of Chadron Avenue around 4:10 p.m. local time. CBS Los Angeles confirmed this, as well. The Los Angeles County Fire Department added that the fatally shot man was even pronounced dead at the scene of the crime. Goetz later revealed that the coroner’s office identified the deceased shooting victim as the rapper, whose real name was Zerail Dijon Rivera.

“It appears to have been a walk-up shooting and he appears to have been targeted,” Goetz said before adding that he “appears to be a gang member.” Authorities are still looking for the suspect(s) who pulled the trigger.

As we mentioned before, there is video footage of the actual shooting taking place. However, we won’t be sharing that here. CBS Los Angeles did, however, capture video of Rivera’s family at the scene and understandably upset about the tragic ordeal.

On his IG page, many have left their condolences for the late 21-year-old. From commenting RIPs under his photos to others posting tributes on their own personal accounts to even a number of tweets showing love, many messages are expressing people’s goodbyes to him.

The person who Rivera was on IG Live with when he was shot and killed, whose IG username is kapaalxt8 — which you can see if you look at the video for yourself — also paid tribute to his friend. Posting a video of Rivera as well as another post that is a photo of them, kapaalxt8 said, “LLINDIANREDD. I LOVE YOU GANKG” in both posts. See those below.

Lieutenant Ti Goetz of the Hawthorne Police Department explained to the press that, “It appears to have been a walk-up shooting and he appears to have been targeted … he appears to be a gang member.” Further reports on the internet suggest Indian Red Boy was a member of the Bloods gang and was targeted for defacing a mural erected in Nipsey Hussle‘s honor.

Police are still looking for suspects in Indian Red Boy’s murder. WorldWide Entertainment TV sends out condolences and prayers to the family, friends, and fans of the hip hop artist,