Cam’ron Talks About Dissing Kanye West & More

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Cam’ron and Kanye West shared the same vision at one time when they working together with Dame Dash. The two also made some classic hip hop. The rappers collaborated for “Down and Out” and created a music video for it that helped to promote “Purple Haze” in 2004.

Currently doing a press run for  Purple Haze 2, the Diplomat rapper sat down with Elliot Wilson and B. Dot on RapRadar. Cam discusses various topics that covered his career in hip hop. He talked about rapping with Big L. The Roc-A-Fella era was touched upon along with the altercation Dipset had with BMF.

The topic of Kanye West was brought up and the lyrics he aimed at the now Christian rapper in 2017.

Shit, they can’t forget me religiously in their memory/Life of Pablo, every other song the n***a mention me


On the Diplomats album he spit the following rhymes, “He told me he was bipolar, I looked and said, ‘Bipolar?’” Cam’ron raps. “Don’t be ridiculous, he wasn’t in the mix with us / Bricks from Hamilton Terrace / He didn’t take the risk with us.”

In his interview with B Dot, Cam went on to explain that he was just stating facts in regards to Kanye West.

“I don’t remember. I’m not saying I didn’t but I’m just sayin’,” he said.

“Kanye’s my man. I got love for Kanye, too. I remember something happened and Dame was saying like, ‘Nah, he does this ’cause he bipolar.’ And I’m like, ‘Yo what you talkin’ ’bout? We knew Kanye for mad years and now he’s bi-polar.’… I’m not saying he’s not, I just never knew this. So I kind of wrote about that in that verse.

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Camron went further with speaking his mind about the “Jesus Is King” rapper.

“I’m pretty sure whatever I said was some facts that was goin’ on. I remember the bipolar part because Dame told me that shit and he was kind of trying to make an excuse for some shit. I don’t remember what it was. Anything, like, the people I know, and I don’t feel like they did the right thing or didn’t do something right, I just state what happened. I guess it still could be dissing if you want to call it dissing.