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Canada’s NADUH Speaks About Their Music, 90’s Inspiration, & More

WorldWide Entertainment TV Exclusive Interview

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NADUH (nah-duh) composed of TARANEH (aka Tee Krispil), Jenny Lea (of I M U R), Rosita Alcantara (of Off Topic), Giorgi Holiday (aka Giorgi), and Larisa Marie, write, engineer, and produce all of their music – meaning they have crafted a sound that’s truly representative of their collective energy. With heavy influences from 90’s R&B, soul, and modern hip-hop, the self proclaimed soft/hard music NADUH make is representative of their queer, femme/tomboy identities as they dance between themes of empowerment and juicy realness.

New single, “CHAPSTICK,” was produced by TARANEH and written by all five members. Flipping the script on the often used line in male hip hop – “I took your girl…” – the crew wrote a queer rendition from the perspective of women having the power and energy to attract other women.

The women recently spoke with WorldWide Entertainment TV and gave some insight into their music, aspirations, and plans for their listeners. Check out the exclusive interview below.

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Could you tell us which part of Canada do you all reside?


NADUH resides in so-called “Vancouver”, land of the Coast Salish peoples, Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh and Musqueam Nations.


History shows that sometimes all women’s groups can be rather stressful at times as we have seen with iconic groups like Destiny’s Child or SWV due to creative directions. How do you handle situations like this?


We think any group, regardless of gender, can be stressful at times. The hardest part is that the media and society perpetuates this “competitive women” narrative that focuses a different lense on all-femme groups. At the end of the day, with any creative partnership, communication, collaboration, and compromise will go a long way.


What would you say makes NADUH stand out in comparison to other groups in Canada?


We are guided by VENUS herself. We have a deep connection to Venusian energy that helps guide our business and creative moves.


What made all of you get into the music business together?


We’ve all collaborated over the years in different capacities, singing back-ups for each other, throwing events together, getting styled by Rosa. Our friendships grew through our community, and divine timing blessed us with the opportunity to join forces and create NADUH.


Who were your inspirations in the music industry and why?


We’re all inspired by so many people, but across the board we love ’90s R&B/Hip-Hop. Destiny’s Child. Spice Girls, duh. Nate Dogg. A Tribe Called Quest. Usher. Salt & Peppa. And new school cats too, like Spillage Village, IAMDDB + so many more.


Which aspect of the business do you enjoy more? Creating music or live performances and why?


We could never choose!!! Both are so unique, creating the music is more introspective, digging deep into emotions to convey messages and really channel moods and ideas. Whereas live performances you get to fully unleash and it’s so cathartic to share your art with people in that way. We’re so passionate about both those parts of the process.



How important is it to you that women from all facets of life get represented in your group?

It’s intrinsic. Because we naturally are all diverse women with different upbringings, culture identities, points of view etc. We’re excited to be able to be catalysts for representation.


What are your favorite women artists out there right now? Who would you consider in your top ten and why?


Because we’re a group we should get a top 50 right?  Haha. Okay, here’s a few that we love in no particular order:

  1. Lex Amor

  2. Leikeli47

  3. Kehlani

  4. Oshun

  5. Ari Lennox

  6. Solange

  7. Erykah Badu

  8. FKA Twigs

  9. Zilo

  10. Little Simz

  11. IAMDDB

  12. Noname

  13. Sampa the Great

  14. Lauryn Hill

  15. Snoh Aalegra


And some Vancouver/Toronto gems:

Missy D, Kimmortal, Desiree Dawson, Lex Leosis, Janette King, TRS, Amber Biryani, NIMKISH, SOLA, Parlour Panther to name a few!!

What would you say to music lovers who haven’t heard your music before they take a listen?


It isn’t always as it appears at first listen. There’s WIZDUM in it all. Listen deep.


What are some songs people should look for coming from your group at the moment, and what can you share that’s coming up?


“Currency” drops June 11th! EP coming in the fall!


Where can we get your music online?


Any last words you would like our visitors to know about NADUH?


Check out their latest music video entitled


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