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Canadian Artists In Television & Film – Unplugged EP 4

WorldWide Entertainment TV Unplugged Episode 4

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Lifetime Network aired the biopic of the legendary female rap group, Salt ‘N Pepa over the last weekend which also showed a guest appearance of Toronto rap icon Michie Mee,

Similar to New York’s Salt ‘N Pepa, Michie Mee was a groundbreaking rap act for Canadians in the urban music industry by breaking barriers into the competitive United States market in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

She made an appearance during the church scene that the Salt (Cheryl James) character attended in the biopic to surprise of Canadian hip hop fans. The television movie was filmed in Toronto according to iHeart Radio, which Queen Latifah (who has done multiple roles on tv and film) was an executive producer along with Salt N Pepa themselves.

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There has been a history of Toronto rappers who have delved into the world of television and film. Of course, the most famous example of this is Drake who was a recurring character known as “Wheelchair Jimmy” on the Canadian cult classic Degrassi television series.

It doesn’t stop with the most popular Canadian rapper in history, but the history also includes the “Godfather Of Canadian Rap”, Maestro Fresh Wes, who has worked with Mekhi Phifer on two films (Paid In Full & Honey).

He has also appeared on the Tookie Williams Story that starred Jamie Foxx, with his fellow Canadian rapper Infinite who explained how it was filming with WWETV in 2018. In an exclusive WorldWide interview with Toronto hip hop artist, Dan-e-o, he describes how he went from being a rapper into acting in movies.

Not only have Toronto rappers contributed in film and television through acting roles, but also through music for soundtracks for films such as “How She Move” which was based on the Jane and Finch region of Toronto. The Smugglaz helped to provide the anthem for the neighborhood, “Jane and Finchin”, which was on the soundtrack that included the likes of Lil’ Mama and Busta Rhymes.

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