Canadian Politician Jagmeet Singh Says Trump Has Done More Than Prime Minister Of Canada



Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the nation of Canada with an announcement of a government summer “work plan” to work on the systemic racism in Canada. The plan will include policing and the justice system.

“Our goal is to come up with strong policies that will help eliminate barriers facing Indigenous peoples, racialized people and persons with disabilities,” Trudeau said, speaking at a press conference on Parliament Hill Wednesday.

As a part of this plan, multiple ministers have different roles based on their portfolios that would see them update use of force standards in policing, ensure better protection for temporary foreign workers and recognize First Nations policing as an essential service.

The announcement followed a scathing critique from NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, aimed at Trudeau’s response to anti-Black racism and police brutality.

In Singh’s view, when it comes to calls from anti-racism activists and the thousands who have gathered in support of Black lives to address police brutality, he said Trudeau has done less than U.S. President Donald Trump.