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Canadian Radio Hosts On Black Representation In Mainstream Media

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photo credit: iHeart Radio Canada Youtube

(VIA iHeart Radio) CHUM 104.5’s Jamar McNeil is joined by Azalea Hart, Leah Abrahams (Virgin Radio’s Virgin Mornings with Adam Wylde TJ & Jax), and Dames Nellas (Virgin Radio Weekender) to discuss Black representation in Mainstream Media.

The panel, recognizing that their voices are Mainstream voices in Toronto, discuss how they choose to represent Black culture in the city, what the relationships between the listener and the broadcaster can look like when diversity empowers a variety of voices, and they continue the chat from last week on the concept of censoring hip hop in pop radio.


Dames, Jamar, Leah and Azalea talk about how far along black representation has come just over the last few years, the power of social media to move culture forward, and what decision makers, and those in power at the very top need to know about opening up to and championing diversity.