Canadian Teen Bianca Andreescu Defeats Serena Williams

Bianca Andreescu may not have defeated the legendary Serena Williams in the way she wanted, but there is nothing to scoff at the victory. She says being the first Canadian to win the Rogers Cup in 50 years is a “dream come true.

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“I’m speechless right now. I’m the first Canadian who got to the finals and has won this tournament since 1969,” Andreescu told the Aviva Centre crowd on Sunday afternoon after being presented with the Rogers Cup trophy in an on-court ceremony. “This been a dream come true, really.

“This week has not been easy. I’ve had many many tough matches.”

The women had microphones and some of their discussion could be heard. The new Rogers Cup champion is heard saying, “I’ve watched you your whole career, you’re a f***ing beast with injuries,” adding that she’s been through several herself, and knows a bad break when she sees one. Serena also makes mention of a tattoo she has, and Bianca quickly points out where it is … saying, “I know everything about you.” The two then hugged again on camera.