Candace Owens Exposes Alleged Audio Of Kim Kardashian Dissing Whitney Houston


whitney houston

Candace Owens has delved in the world of politics with her love of Donald Trump and in entertainment by attacking artists such as Cardi B in the past.

It wasn’t too much of a shock when people saw Candace Owens appear in a White Lives Matter t-shirt to help promote Kanye’s latest controversial brand.

Candace Owens is now dropping bombs surrounding the ex-wife of Kanye West in damaging audio with Kim Kardashian.

The 33-year-old managed to obtain an old voicemail in which the mother of four called her former boyfriend, Ray J, to ridicule him about dating singer Whitney Houston. “Some tapes are making the rounds… where it’s not the sweet little Kim K that she portrays today. She’s nasty,” Candace said before playing the audio.

After telling Ray J she was the one calling, Kim assured him that she never wanted to talk to him again before dragging him for his dating choices. “Honestly, go have fun with old hag Whitney Houston; she’s so sick. Crack is definitely not wack with you guys,” she said.

She also tried to be humorous by quoting Whitney’s “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay” record.

Listen to the entire recording below.