Candace Owens says black community doesn’t have Megan Thee Stallion’s back

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tory lanez case

Candace Owens has spoke about the hip hop community in the past and talks about her thoughts on the lack of support Megan Thee Stallion has against Tory Lanez supposedly.

Owens known for her outspoken stances that are controversial, discusses rather bluntly about entertainers such as Cardi B and sportsmen as LeBron James. Sometimes she is lauded and other times she is vilified online which causes a split reaction with her takes.

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Candace Owens still believes Megan Thee Stallion’s single with Cardi B entitled “WAP” is still “disgusting.” However, the the court case involving Tory Lanez has her defending the hip hop artist that was allegedly shot. She believes Megan was mocked by men and women in the black culture and also Tory Lanez lacked any form of cancel culture. Check out the clip below.


In the full video below, Candace Owens goes into deeper with her thoughts about the “no snitching” mantra that permeates in black culture. Do you agree with Candace Owens take on the situation?