Cardi B Accuse Blogger Tasha K Lawyers Of Sabotage

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Cardi B claims that Tasha K lawyers are purposely trying to sabotage her in the media, after they gave @billboard the drop on her STD results.

The long standing rivalry between Cardi B and media personality Tasha K continues as the trial progresses with more drama. What happened with Cardi B and Tasha K?

Recently, Cardi B’s trial against Tasha K. was supposed to kick off (November 9th) in Atlanta, but a family emergency delayed that situation. Cardi B jumped on social media in anger over an article by Rolling Stone about the case.
“This was turn to her lawyers 3 months ago.A pre trial conference was made 2 weeks ago and this is one of the main evidence of my case for my own defense.I don’t know what type of thirsty publications those lawyers are trying to get for putting a media blast on this,” stated the rap star. It stems from a report that Cardi B’s herpes test results were requested by the judge in STD defamation lawsuit.
She was making reference to the article stating she told Billboard “test results had already been voluntarily disclosed earlier in the case and as evidence in the case,” to which she made sure to clarify as you can see in the post below.

Hiphopdx get called out for their headline as Cardi B stated, “I don’t know why this random ass article is coming out when the test results been turn to her lawyers 3 months ago and the judge got and approved the test results 2 weeks ago for trial” .

A fan came to the defense of Cardi B’s personal business being out there for all to see. The Twitter account statement included, “Exactly! people are laughing at Cardi for this but this is good for her because this is the main piece of evidence that helps her win the case . Cardi is the one who filed this lawsuit , Cardi is the one who voluntarily took tests before it was even needed in the case.”

The two women are still in dispute over the whole ordeal. Stay tuned with WorldWide Entertainment TV for updates.