Cardi B Calls Out Utah Governor Over Child Molestation In State

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The Republican governor of Utah has signed legislation requiring all cellphones and tablets sold in the conservative state to automatically block pornography.

Cardi B has been targeted for her graphic music videos such as Wap with Megan Thee Stallion. Conservative voices such as Candace Owens has constantly on her about her lyrics being problematic for her young followers.

The New York rapper has also been at the center of religious debates over her acceptance speeches praising God when some of her song material is questionable in terms of sexual content that promotes promiscuity.

She has taken to social media to call out Utah for what she deems as hypocrisy.

“I respect everyone’s religion but Utah restricting porn and not regulating the disgusting things that happens in the FLDS .That cult is disturbing” was posted by the rap star.

A follower on Twitter responded with “It’s not just porn. In some counties their dry. No alcohol No tobacco”, to which Cardi retorted with “I understand that .I will understand if they restrict porn because the state is very religious however they allow soo much disgusting things out there that they claim is part of their religion and that’s MOLESTING CHILDREN …Look it up !”.

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