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Cardi B Deletes Twitter & Appears On Today Show

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Cardi B is once again clashing with her followers on social media.

The New York rap star is feeling the heat from fans to release new music. Amid “harassing” comments from fans requesting her new album, Cardi B went haywire and short circuited her electric audience.

A fan demanded her to “drop the fu**ing album,” and Cardi B snapped with “SUCK MY DICK.”

Cardi B addressed those who keep asking when the new album will be released to the public by stating that she is being meticulous with the project because she wants it to be “immaculate.”

“Yo, I really hate when people start acting like brats and start really pissing me off. I don’t like that s**t,” she said in a Twitter voice note. “I wanna make it very clear. After I dropped I said, I’m gonna take my time. I gotta finish my album. If I say I’m gonna finish my album, it doesn’t mean that I’m gonna drop in March, it doesn’t mean that I’m gonna drop in April. Let me do this f**king s**t because everybody expect me to f**king fail, so when I drop my album, I want it to be immaculate with everything great.”

The trolling by some of the fans is starting to annoy her. “However, don’t every single time that I f**king drop something, ya’ll discourage me with the ‘I thought you was gonna drop the album, I though you was gonna drop a song.’ My mans, I just dropped a song three f**king weeks ago.”

Cardi B also reassured people that she is focuses on her business. “How ya’ll expect me to be a great business woman, how ya’ll expect me to make it to Forbes if I’m not doing other business ventures besides music? You should learn from JAY-Z. You don’t just become a billionaire with f**king making music.”

One of Cardi B’s last tweets included her saying she had a surprise for her fans on The Today Show. Check out the video below as she kept her appointment with the news platform despite her frustrations with social media.