Cardi B Disables Her Instagram after Emotional Posts

cardi b

Not even 24 hours after one of the biggest nights of her life Cardi B has disappeared from online platform Instagram. 


The public’s reaction to her becoming the first female rapper to win “Best Rap Song” award has created a duality online where the environment includes many naysayers claiming a different winner should have been given the trophy. There was also some who personally took it upon themselves as judge and executioner by crucifying Cardi B on what should have been a night of glory.  There has also been a bombardment upon the New York rapper by her city’s fellow hip hop artist Nicki Minaj’s fanbase.

This led to Cardi B’s now-deleted rant that talked about her work ethic and also not siding with the shade thrown at Nicki Minaj by BET has now gone missing.

She uploaded a milder version of her statement soon after and even uploaded a clip showing off the bruised legs she earned while rehearsing for the award ceremony. Her emotional videos are suddenly gone from her official accounts.