Cardi B not known for holding back her tongue replied: “This is you as well LIKE I SAID …Don’t try to act victim cause I reply to those deleted tweets you was directing at me. Just tell your label to pay me for the promo.”When presented with evidence of her previously denying the rumor, Cuban Doll claimed that she was paid off to shut it down.Cardi dismissed the “victim” claims by pointing out that Cuban was the one who started the altercation. She shared screenshots of two now-deleted tweets in which Cuban seemingly references Cardi’s former marital problems with Offset.

“I pray a man don’t marry me just to cheat on me. That’s next level OD DISRESPECT,” Cuban wrote, before addressing why she didn’t name Cardi as an inspiration. “I could never be inspired by someone I don’t listen to. Simple stop trying to force that on me.”

“First you said the girl was no longer ya friend, then it turned to he was fuckin her, now it’s he was trying to fuck with you? You can’t even keep up with ya own lies,” Cardi tweeted. “Show me the receipts. You started this yet asking me what does it prove? Honey you need this moment not me.”

Check out what remains of the interaction below.

Cuban accused Cardi of being  a “bully” who was attacking her over clothes. Cardi said her frustration had nothing to do with the leopard outfit, but rather the aforementioned tweets about cheating and her inspiration.