Cardi B Reebok Collection Sells Out Quickly

Diva & Vixens- Karen Smith Post


Cardi B ends the new year with new gear representing Reebok with a new collection representing New York.

“Let Me Be… In My World Nighttime” is inspired by the bright lights and vibrant skyline of New York City. The rapper said, “Nighttime in my hometown of New York is such a beautiful, magical experience, and I’m happy to see this magic come to life with my latest Reebok collection.”

The super star shared, “These pieces are easy to wear from the street to the club while still letting you feel comfortable, confident and unique. I promise you’ll be feeling like the best version of yourself when you have these pieces on!”

The latest collection has playful materials, metallic fabrics, and color blocking that are just as lively as Cardi B’s personality. You’ll make a true style statement in these pieces, which are available in sizes ranging from 2XS to 4XL. There are are also some unisex pieces, shoes, and children’s sizes.

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