Cardi B Responds to Nick Minaj’s Queen Radio Interview

Cardi B is claiming that Nicki Minaj is playing victim of the night of the altercation she had with her camp. She asks the question:

Pick a side. Do you want to be the victim, or do you want to be the gangsta?

Cardi B pretty much went all in on Instagram to defend herself against the claims Nicki Minaj made earlier on her Queen Radio show.


She speaks about the issues they had over the song and music video for Motosport above.


Cardi B goes into explanation about suing, payola, and more in response to Nicki’s claims and still believes that the leader of the Barbz was the person who leaked her number.


The issue with these two women has gone off the rails and needs an intervention from someone before someone gets hurt.


Cardi B Response remains with same allegation of Nicki Minaj releasing phone number & more.

Nicki Minaj responded by saying the two should meet live and do a lie detector test together to determine who is telling the truth and who is the liar.