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Cardi B Sends Message About Her Faith In God

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Over the weekend, Lil Nas X upset many people of faith with his “Montero” music video and “Satan Shoes” which also echoed backlash Cardi B was receiving days before.

The “Wap” rapper was criticized by a fan who questioned Cardi B’s acceptance speeches with praising and thanking God for her accolades. The person’s criticism was about some of her sexual content being a contradiction of God’s message and word according to biblical texts.

Some people came to her defense, but others were in agreement with the viral video that even Cardi B addressed. In a reaction video by popular youtuber, Hassan Campbell, he was speaking on Lil Nas X and Cardi B creating content that was too graphic in terms of being seen by children.

Early morning, March 29th, Cardi B finally broke down her faith in God and told off those criticizing her for her sexual visuals with her music.

“Don’t confuse and compare my sexual confidence with anything that has to do with religion.Ya keep putting me in these tweets and I don’t play that shit .I have very strong faith in God and I don’t play with him neither.Leave me then fuck alone!”, said the New York rapper on Twitter.

Check out the reactions below online to Cardi B’s statement.