Cardi B & Sister Sued For Defamation After MAGA Beach Incident

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Cardi B has been a person against the politics of President Donald Trump. She also disagrees with those who represent MAGA. At the beginning of this month, Cardi B exposed a group of racists who yelled “Trump” and wore MAGA hats for allegedly harassing her sister Hennessy Carolina and her girlfriend Michelle Diaz. The incident stemmed from them daring Hennessy to park next to them at the beach.

The video shows Hennessy and Michelle in an argument with Peter Caliendo, Pauline Caliendo, and Manuel Alarcon who claim that Cardi and her sister defamed them as “racists” during a fight in the Hamptons. They have filed a lawsuit against the superstar rapper and her sister.

At the time of the altercation, Cardi reposted the video and claimed that Hennessy and Michelle were being harassed for being in a mixed lesbian relationship. The plaintiffs say that they were simply relaxing on the beach when Hennessy approached them and starting yelling, spitting, and insulting them for wearing MAGA hats. They also claim that the video Cardi posted was edited and paints them as racists.

But… they were wearing MAGA hats and screaming “Trump” though… Aren’t they painting themselves as racists?

As for what Hennessy has to say, she claims that the group started targeted her and her girlfriend after they parked next to the Caliendos and spoke Spanish.