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Cardi B “Squid Game Song” Interpretation Accused of Mocking Asians

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Cardi B is being called out by the Asian Committee after she posted her rendition of the Squid Games Song. Cardi B was called out by Sam Hyun and others and accused of mocking Asian people.

On Oct. 11, the “WAP” singer was on Instagram Live, chatting with her fans about her upcoming birthday party.

“If y’all bitches don’t turn up and start dancing,” Cardi B said during the live. “If not…”

Then she imitated the animatronic “red light, green light” killer robot from the popular Netflix show Squid Game. She mimicked a Korean accent and said people would be getting “eliminated.”

After the video was posted by the New York rapper, Asian social media users called her out.

“If you’re not Asian, this might not be a ‘big deal,’” text overlay on the video, which has garnered over 790,000 views, reads. “But this is the kind of shit that people do that’s rooted in anti-Asian hate. It’s dehumanizing and offensive.”

Hyun, has a huge base of 220,000 followers, told the Daily Dot that he made the video because regardless of Cardi B’s intentions, her actions were harmful.

“She may not have had malicious intent, but this is pain that many people have experienced that is rooted in xenophobia,” Hyun told the Daily Dot. “We can call people out and hold people accountable without destroying who they are.”

The comments section of his video is split, with some defending Cardi B and calling her video humorous. Others, however, agree with Hyun and find it offensive.

“Yeah, the nasally tone was giving old-school yellow face,” one person said.

Another wrote, “Why are y’all defending her? Is Cardi paying y’all bills? She didn’t even COME CLOSE to saying a single word, so yes this is mockery.”

The original Korean lyrics, “mugunghwa kkochi pieot seumnida,” translate to “the hibiscus flower has bloomed.”

Check out the backlash in the video below.