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Cardi B States Handing In Song Last Minute For Khaled Khaled Album

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Khaled Khaled album surprised fans with a Jay-Z, Nas, and Beyonce collab, but it also contains music from Cardi B.

On the morning of the release of the music video, it was Cardi B that was trending with DJ Khaled however with the single “Big Paper”. The fans took notice that the New York rapper that was seen on hashtags more in the morning was not Jay-Z or Nas, but the female rapper that leads the Bardi Gang.

The single was already rapidly rising on the charts and the rapper herself took notice to the ranking on her official Twitter account!

Cardi B also took notice of the bloggers and fans that are not too happy with her latest release under DJ Khaled. She called out The Shaderoom for throwing shade her way when one of her followers alerted her of the popular media outlet.

That always happens on all the blog comments it could be music , fashion, my lives it don’t matter

That always happens on all the blog comments it could be music, fashion, my lives it don’t matter. It’s bandwagon hate in the comments by now.But guess what? CARDI THIS CARDI THAT MAKE ME MORE FAMOUS !

The female rapper also pointed out that she was under pressure to hand in the song last minute for the release for DJ Khaled.

The day Khaled did his video we sent him the hook and one verse so he can know I was working on it and not frontin .This is my messages from last night my engineer sending me different mixes in the middle of the night since we had to turn it in at 7am Thursday Morning !



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