Cardi B. Sued For Posting Moschino Dress On Instagram

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Cardi B. is being sued for posting a picture of herself on Instagram. Cardi, Moschino and its popular designer Jeremy Scott are being sued by Splash News Agency, over pictures they reposted to Twitter and Instagram which include Cardi’s over 52 million followers.

“Individuals and entities in the media industries—like defendants—know that repeated, almost instantaneous acts of content piracy destroy the syndication value of the work of content creators and copyright owners,” Splash’s lawyer Peter E. Perkowski said.

Splash is looking to have a jury trial to determine the amount of damages they should be rewarded. 

According to the lawsuit, The Daily Mail licensed some pictures of Cardi B from Splash News Agency. Some of the pics included the rapper in a Moschino dress in May of 2018, when she was pregnant with Baby Kulture.

Splash claims that within hours of The Daily Mail’s article, Cardi and Jeremy Scott cropped the watermark with their credit out of the picture, while Moschino did the same thing.