Cardi B Suing 2 Vloggers Spreading Propaganda

Tasha K – Cardi B

Cardi B is enraged over 2 vloggers allegedly spreading lies about her. Latasha K who runs an entertainment entity known as Unwine with Tasha K. Cardi B has pointed out that misinformation has been polluting 23 of  her vlogs with allegations such as Cardi B’s baby Kulture could be born with intellectual disabilities. These allegations were presented within 14-months and covered the time period of her pregnancy. 

Unwine With Tasha K

 Starmarie Ebony Jones is another vlogger that is being aimed at by the Bodak Yellow rapper. Ebony made claims about Cardi B’s drug use. Ebony Jones is also reported to have masterminded a story that Cardi B was moonlighting as a sex worker (prostitute is the word she allegedly used) while taking in large amounts of “molly and cocaine.” The full headline read “Just a Grammy-nominated prostitute running around spreading her herpes.”

Starmarie Ebony Jones and Latasha K joined forces one time to create a vlog all about Cardi B’s alleged STD cover-up of having herpes.