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Cardi B SuperBowl Ad Re-imagines Wayne’s World

Diva & Vixens- Karen Smith Article

cardi b

Super Bowl Ad appears with Cardi B in “Wayne’s World” style UberEats presentation promoting local restaurants.

The ad mocks other commercials that use corny tactics and trending topics to sell their products. The comedic twist is the ad does the exact same thing.

The Super Bowl ad features Mike Myers and Dana Carvey in their iconic roles, but surprising to viewers was seeing the female rapper making an appearance. With the current coronavirus pandemic forcing more people to do things from home, the ad supports local restaurants as part of UberEats’ “Eat Local” initiative.

Cardi B is continuing her crossover in mainstream just as in 2020 with a cameo that will no doubt get her seen by more a larger audience on one of the biggest nights in television.

Cardi posted the commercial to her Instagram with the caption, “The latest WAG (Wayne and Garth) special guest?! ME! Go watch and remember to #EatLocal with @ubereats #ad.”