Cardi B Talks With Bernie Sanders About Minimum Wage

cardi b

Cardi B continues on her ambitious plans to make a change in the American system. She recently blasted President Trump on Instagram about the way he is running the country.

Now her latest political stance on Instagram involves a quick conversation with Bernie Sanders. She voiced her displeasure with the minimum wage in the country.

For example, me as a New Yorker, not now, but when I was not famous, I just felt like no matter how many jobs I get, I wasn’t able to make ends meet. I wasn’t able to pay my rent, get transportation, and eat

Cardi B

Sanders agreed with her and replied, “This is an excellent and an important question because right now we have tens of millions of people who are earning what I consider to be starvation wages. Can you imagine somebody today earning $9 an hour?…How do you pay your rent? How do you pay for food? How do you pay for transportation? You can’t. And if you have a child?” Cardi mentioned that “certain people like to brag” that there are more opportunities for employment in America, but the jobs available don’t pay livable wages.