Cardi B Talks With Mariah Carey About Haters

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Mariah Carey is one of the most successful acts in the history of music who gives a pep talk to fellow female artist, Cardi B, in Interview Mag exclusive.

Cardi recently made history as the first woman in rap to debut at such a high position on the Billboard Hot 100 with a solo song since Lauryn Hill. Another icon who has Billboard records is Mariah Carey.

Cardi’s Invasion Of Privacy has officially spent one-hundred-and-fifty weeks on the Billboard 200, the highest amount of chart time spent by a female rapper’s album in hip-hop history.

It was only fitting she represented Interview Magazine by having a conversation with Card about her upbringing, her come-up in strip clubs, why she decided to start rapping, and her new album.

Cardi B revealed how odd things are currently with the covid-19 pandemic throwing things out of order in terms of traditional promotion of an album. She told Carey, “I feel like I’m missing some songs [for the new album]” and continued with “Everybody’s rushing me to put it out, but I don’t know if it’s the right time. When I do interviews, I like to be in people’s faces. I hate Zoom meetings. They’re just so weird. I like to do listening parties. You can’t even tour. That shit’s wack as f*ck.”

The topic of social media and the people who are mean spirited on the various platforms to celebrities was briefed.

“I get a lot of hate on social media, so if I feel the pressure, I know my fans feel the pressure of constantly defending my ass. I feel a close connection to them because my team doesn’t always know what’s going on, my husband doesn’t really understand social media, but my fans understand. That’s their world”.

Check out the full Interview here.

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