Cardi B Twerks In New Commercial & Blasts New Lawsuit

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New York rapper Cardi B has  a new lawsuit added to her list. A security guard is suing Cardi B for getting into a fight with her when she was four months pregnant with her daughter.

According to reports, a woman named Emani Ellis is suing the rapper for spitting and punching on her during a fight at a medical office in February of 2018. It seems that Cardi B created an unpleasant interaction with the guard as she was moody after a doctor’s appointment.

According to Ellis, she tried to get a photograph and record some video of Cardi, who leaving her doctor’s appointment. This led Ellis on the receiving end of a fight with the female rapper. During the beating, Cardi allegedly hurled racial slurs at Ellis, while punching and beating the security guard.

Cardi B has denied any physical altercation occurred her interaction with the guard, but  admits her doctor had the  guard fired  for not being professional  in attempting to record a celebrity after a doctor’s appointment.

Despite this little incident, Cardi B continues to hustle. She can be seen in a new commercial for Reebok. Matt Blonder, VP, marketing & digital brand commerce at Reebok, explained: “Incredible, hilarious and bizarre content from doorbell cams are being shared and re-shared every day. We saw an opportunity in that to showcase Zig Kinetica in a completely new, unexpected way.”

In a statement about the campaign, Cardi added: “Zig the Runway is about being unexpected and unapologetic about your style. I always do me and keep people guessing and that’s what we’re showing off in this video.