Cardi B’s Hilarious Tweet To WWE’s Vince Mcmahon About WrestleMania

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In the 1990’s, the WWE was smashing television ratings on Monday Night and competing with NFL’S Monday Night Football with its top flag show of Monday Night Raw. The show would continue for decades entertaining viewers every Monday. It appears that New York rapper Cardi B was one of those young girls who were seeing the aftermath of the success of that era when Vince Mcmahon moved into the “Ruthless Agression Era”.

Cardi B revealed that information during a series of tweets after being mentioned on the “Legends Night” episode of Monday Night Raw.

Naaaaa I was still to young when he was on.I started watching when Booka T, Eddie gurrero, triple H ,batista,John cena,Edge,Melina ,Trish stratus,Lina ETC was on !

Cardi B

It all started when Cardi B asked the question of why she was getting tagged on Twitter with WWE.  “Wait what’s going on,” asked Cardi. “People keep tagging me in WWE stuff?.”

Cardi B was mentioned during a skit on the show and fans reacted immediately.

There was a promo segment between Torrie Wilson, Angel Garza, and Nikki Cross, and The Boogeyman. Torrie lured Garza into a green room, where he was expecting to meet with Cardi B, but he was actually confronted by The Boogeyman’s spooky presence, cutting the lights entirely.

The tweets continued with Cardi B giving praises to the new era of WWE and its stars. She approved one of the top women in the game in Sasha Banks who has been seen in pop culture programs such as The Mandalorian.

Cardi B was in awe when the legendary Trish Stratus mentioned her in a tweet.

Cardi B obviously is a fan and understands the dynamic of the industry and played right into the game by addressing Vince Mcmahon who leads the sports entertainment world. She called out the head honcho for the way she “debuted” on the show.

“WWWWTTTTFFFFFFFFF,” wrote the rapper. “This is not how my wwe debut was supposed to be! Vince McMahon COUNT YOUR F*CKIN DAYS!!!!”

Cardi B made mention of wanting to appear at Mania by responding to a wrestling fan on Twitter.

“@wale don’t gotta tell me twice,” wrote Cardi  and also stated “This me On my way to wrestlermania to collect my check.”

Cardi B and WWE Diva, Lacey Evans, got into it on Twitter as well. Cardi B has now deleted the comment perhaps after finding out Evans was just shooting a promo on her pro wrestling style.

“A white woman can’t never put fear on me sweetie… Got me fucked up. I was showing love to WWE the whole night yesterday I don’t know where the fuck you came from with your unnecessary bullshit,” Cardi said in response. Again, the tweets were deleted but screenshots are forever. Lacey explained that Cardi misinterpreted her tweet, though she did double down on giving Cardi an ass-whooping if necessary.

“Awww bless your heart! @iamcardib U got it all wrong. I heard DEBUT and was giving you a friendly heads up,” she wrote,” But since you wanna be bad ass… keep me in mind when/if you show up to WWE. I’ll kick your ass while listening to your music #PullUp.”

No response from Cardi yet but we can imagine that there’s already a storyline waiting for whenever the rapper ends up appearing on WWE. Check out the tweets below.