Cardi B’s Team Denies Claims Of Assaulting Blogger


Cardi B’s rivalry with blogger Tasha K continues. A statement has been released saying allegations “frivolous” and “without merit” in regards to claims that she assaulted Latasha K.

Latasha K (Tasha K) and Starmarie Ebony Jones were sued by Cardi B for defamation in March, after they made an online video in which they made allegations about the rapper’s sex life and drug use.

Belcalis Almanzar aka Cardi B was then hit with a lawsuit in response by Tasha K , in federal court, and she has now amended that suit to include her claims that the star caused harm to her unborn child.

The new allegations center on threats Latasha claims she received from both Cardi and her former roommate and close friend Skeemo.

Latasha has accused Cardi of encouraging gang members to “handle” her – which she took as a violent threat. At the time, Latasha was in the first trimester of a “high-risk pregnancy,” and was put on mandatory bed rest by doctors.

She also accused Cardi of referring to her as a “hoe” and a “dumb ass b##ch” on Instagram.

As for Skeemo, Latasha claims she called the FBI after receiving allegedly violent threats from him, but the agency advised her to move if she was scared. She did that, and has included moving expenses as part of her $3 million lawsuit against Cardi.

Following Latasha’s lawsuit amendment, Cardi’s team released a statement denying the allegations, which read:

“Tasha K’s counterclaims are completely frivolous and have no merit. Tasha K clearly seems to think that this lawsuit and the courts are her social media channel where she thinks that she can say anything she wants, without regard for the truth, harassing Cardi and her friends to try to gain reader to her blog at the expense of Cardi.

“This is failing – Tasha’s own words in interviews and documents show that her claims are completely false. Cardi fully expects that Tasha K’s claims will be dismissed, and that at the end of this case, Cardi will be victorious and Tasha K will be held accountable for the blatantly false things she has said, written and posted about Cardi, that Tasha K knew were false.”