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Carib Artist Of The Week – Dennis Brown

dennis brown
Dennis Brown

Each week WWETV will also take a look at the Caribbean music scene and chose an artist to feature. The first artist was easy to feature since Onstage TV a Jamaican entertainment program paid tribute to Dennis Brown aka the Prince Of Reggae.

WWETV writer Venom did an article on asking question of who is the #1 Draft pick for old school reggae. During the article Dennis Brown as analyzed and for good reason. He was legitimately a threat to Bob Marley’s crown and many people stated he was the more pure singer of the two. 

The current day stars of reggae showed their admiration for the legend in the video below. Check out Luciano, George Nooks, & Chester.

As WWETV writer stated in the article: 

In the hip hop world artists such as Lil’ Wayne and Tupac Shakur are heralded for their massive body of work, but Dennis Brown had a work ethic that was similar as he created over 75 albums and is credited for creating a sub genre of reggae called Lovers Rock. He would also influence artists for generations to come
just as Tupac and Lil Wayne did for their industry. Dennis Brown also performed at that historic One Love Peace Concert.

Venom – #1 Draft Pick For Old School Reggae
Dennis Brown