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Celebrating MLK Day with Stevie Wonder & Tributes

The iconic Stevie Wonder was instrumental in having the US government grant Dr. Martin Luther King Jr an officially sanctioned tribute day in January the birth month of the iconic civil rights activist. Wonder spoke with the team over at Tidal about this accomplishment.

“I remember hearing Mahalia Jackson sing, I remember being on the bus or mobile home. There was no way possible for us to go inside to be at the actual service. I remember a man in a tree trying to see everything and he was crying and he fell out of the tree. I remember various actors, actresses and dignitaries on the bus with us. Some were able to get into the service and some were able to stand outside and view the service from a visual feed. I remember Aretha Franklin singing at the service.

As a teenager, I was very sad and brokenhearted that he was assassinated and I was still in disbelief that someone had done such a horrible thing. What breaks my heart even more today is that people are still fighting for the right to be treated as a human being.

‘Happy Birthday’ came to me in a dream where I heard the song, led the march and saw the holiday.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated during the height of the civil rights movement and has been a revered figure in American history in terms of being a representation of a person exemplifying the fight for justice around the world. 

Last year there was a special 50th anniversary special that documented the tumultuous times in the 1960’s that led to his death.