Celina Powell Reacts To Trey Songz Denial Over Alize Accusations

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Celina Powell has now given more heat to the allegations thrown toward singer Trey Songz. celina Powell took to Twitter to react to Trey Songz her own experience with the singer after staying silent for a long time.

“Wow. Woke up to this trending.. for two years now i tried to block this off but fuck it .. let’s talk,” started Celina. “April 6th, @TreySongz you forced me to do something’s & threw my phone off the balcony, refused to let me & another younger girl go. I’m used to being treated like shit. So I didn’t know how to handle it but call the police. U & I live in the same building. YOU said you’d make it uncomfortable for me to live peacefully. I dropped the charges. Fast toward now, I went to therapy. I healed. U were my fav singer tbh. So, with being fucking SCARED of knowing what you’re capable of doing & living 3 Floors down, plus just being beaten by Tory Lanez, I’m like stuck. I did think you’re a changed man since your son & I still am proud.”