Certified Lover Boy Confirmed For End Of Summer By Drake



Drake confirmed that “Certified Lover Boy” will be released by the end of summer.

Fans have been waiting since January for Drake’s next big project, but it seems the wait will be a little bit longer. The Toronto rap star says CLB is now planned for an end of summer release. He did not give a specific date as he revealed the information at URL NOME XI Battle Rap Event, which he attended Saturday night.

“Yeah, my album will be out by then,” he said when asked if he’ll be available at the end of the summer during a backstage interview at the event.

In the meantime, Drake is spending time with his son, Adonis at ball games with iconic figures such as Lebron James. The “Certified Lover Boy” is also a father who tends to his child. Will he speak more on his son Adonis on CLB? Knowing Drake with his introspective lyrics on songs such as “Marvin’s Room”, it is highly expected.