Chaka Khan Verzuz Stephanie Mills Rumor Rejected By Swizz Beatz

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Swizz Beatz rejected Stephanie Mill’s claim that Verzuz had no interest in a Verzuz with her and Chaka Khan.

Verzuz started off as an escape for artists and viewers that were under quarantine and lockdown measures during the first wave of COVID-19. The concept reaches different generations in a modern fashion like no other concert series to date. Old school artists and new school artists both vie for a spot on the schedule which even include Lil’ Kim either wanting to squash or restore her beef with Nicki Minaj after announcing she was ready to square off at the recent BET Awards red carpet. The fans are just as rabid on who they want to see at the event as well as some insist the concept should stick with artists facing each other from the same era such as Lil’ Kim Verzuz Foxy Brown.

Stephanie Mills track record would make her a viable star to appear on Verzuz as she has acted on the Broadway stage, had several No. 1 hits, and has been making music since the 1960s. Chaka Khan who is also another brilliant artist with hits that were sampled by iconic Kanye West for the single “Through The Wire”. Rumors had Chaka Khan against Stephanie Mills, but Mills shut down the conversation of the possibility of the match-up.

“We will not be doing Verzuz,” Mills said while on Cocktails With Queens. “We were in talks to do Verzuz and they decided to go another way. They were not interested in Chaka and I doing Verzuz.”

Members of the cast which included Vivica Fox were surprised over the revelation as the actress stated Chaka Khan and Stephanie Mills would have been a “diva concert” unlike any other. The women suggested that maybe the powers that be wanted Mills to be paired with someone else, but the singer stated that Chaka Khan would be the only person she would share the stage with.

Syleena Johnson gave her thoughts on the topic, she believed the two singers have catalogs filled with hits, and some people who have made appearances “don’t hold a candle” to them. “Today, people don’t really respect the R&B people from back in the day,” said Mills. “They really have no respect for that.”

Fox Soul’s social media account was hit up by Swizz Beatz after the video clip was posted to make a correction about the conversation. He stated, “That’s not the truth with all due respect and Love[praying hands emoji] Why would we ever not be interested in 2 amazing Queens [praying hands emoji][shrug emoji] I have no idea who told them this info.” Maybe it will happen, after all.

Check out the clip from Cocktails with Queens below.