Chance The Rapper Questions Those Against A President Kanye West

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Kanye West has been divisive over the years with his actions and words. There was a point when Chance The Rapper even questioned his sanity. However, with all the craziness surrounding the year 2020, Kanye West running for president just adds the twilight zone environment everyone is living in.

Chance The Rapper has now sided with Kanye West it seems in support for his run at the White House leadership. Chance even questions people who do not support his friend. He doesn’t understand how some could support democratic party leader Joe Biden over the rap billionaire.

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Chance The Rapper has been taken to task by those in social media. With the United States in such disarray in the moment with social justice issues and the coronavirus pandemic, one only understands the concerns with Chance The Rapper’s choice for Kanye West as president.

Chance The Rapper and Kanye West are Christians who have worked together on past projects. They have also performed live together on songs such as “Ultralight Beam”.

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