Chanel West Coast was on track to being a star for the iconic Young Money Records, but it never came to be. The artist was under a management deal and was promoted to the world by its label owner Lil’ Wayne.  With Nicki Minaj being the biggest star with the exception of Drake on the label, many people speculated that Minaj did not want another woman competing with her on the imprint.

In an interview with  Shirley Ju for Shirley’s Temple, Chanel confirmed that Nicki Minaj did in fact have a part to play in her removal from the record label. The artist let it be known stating, “It didn’t work out because, basically, it was more because of certain people really not feeling me being part of the clique.” The interviewer mentioned Nicki Minaj’s name and Chanel confirmed that she was speaking about her. “Yeah, yeah, it was that,” she said. “But I don’t really wanna talk about that because it’s really old. I’m really grateful that Wayne fucked with me and gave me a co-sign and was like, be part of my clique, but yeah, I can’t control what happened. So many different politics that people don’t know behind the scenes.”