Charles Barkley Says “NBA Ain’t Got The Balls” To Suspend LeBron James



Charles Barkley says the NBA doesn’t have “the balls” to suspend LeBron James for violating COVID-19 protocol.

Charles Barkley says that the “NBA ain’t got the balls” to punish LeBron James, after the Los Angeles Lakers star violated the league’s COVID-19 health and safety protocols. ESPN reported, Saturday morning, that James wouldn’t face a suspension from the league for his actions.

“Let me tell you somethin’,” Barkley told LaJethro Jenkins of Yahoo Sports. “Hey, listen, I love Adam Silver, rest in peace, David Stern, best commissioner in sports. The NBA ain’t got the balls to suspend LeBron James.”

James violated protocol by attending an event for a tequila brand he endorses with Drake and Michael B. Jordan, Monday.

Barkley continued to suggest that a less popular player would face suspension in the same situation: “If it was a nobody, they would put him in health and safety protocols. Ain’t no fuckin’ way LeBron James is gonna sit out in health and safety protocols. When I read that, I just started laughing.”

The Lakers will begin their playoff series against the Pheonix Suns on Sunday at 3:30 PM, EST.