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Charles Barkley’s Controversial Covid-19 Take Gets Backlash



Charles Barkley over the years has made some controversial commentary with his talking points on NBA broadcasts and has always stated he is not a role model going back to his ball playing days.

On Thursday night, Barkley upset quite a few people with what some regard as an elitist attitude. He offered up his opinion on the COVID-19 vaccine and who should be receiving it first.

In the clip below, Barkley makes the claim that athletes from all of the major sports should be rushed to the front of the line, as they pay more taxes than the average person. For Barkley, these taxes make athletes more deserving, than the regular 9 to 5 citizen in North America.

Of course, social media came out in droves to attack the mindset of Barkley as they made arguments about the very vulnerable elderly in these trying times.

Some even discussed how Billionaire Gates himself isn’t jumping in line ahead of regular folks.