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Charlie Sloth Hangs With WWETV UK’S TONY TNT

(WWETV UNITED KINGDOM) The energetic host Tony TNT recently caught up with the popular DJ Charlie Sloth in the BBC Studios. Anyone following the music scene in the UK knows Sloth has been a huge influence in getting attention on artists worldwide from the region.

He released music last year entitled “THE PLUG” and was interviewed by Original Memzee which WWETV UK covered. You can watch the interview on WWETV Network On Demand with Season 1 Episode 1 of Worldwide Entertainment TV. 

Charlie Sloth

Earlier this year on his show “Fire In The Booth” he had Drake spit some lyrics which were directed at Kanye West. It’s just a testament to how even the biggest hip hop star on the planet respects his platform.

Charlie Sloth & Tony TNT