Chico DeBarge Arrested On Drug Possession Charges

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The 1980’s and 90’s singing icon, Chico DeBarge, is a long suffering substance abuser and his struggles continue as he was reportedly living in a motorhome when arrested.

His famous musical family created hits for decades. They were also known for their addiction issues at the same time they were chart-topping with classic hits.Chico DeBarge has had a long history of personal struggles addiction along with several of his family members. They have been plagued with headlines about incarcerations, relapses, and even overdoses, and over the weekend, Chico DeBarge was reportedly arrested.

This is the third arrest for the singer within the last two years and once again, news reports state that this incident was related to drugs.

According to TMZ, DeBarge had been living in a motorhome earlier this month when police received a call that there was someone “causing a disturbance.” When they arrived, police reportedly found that the RV had an expired registration dating back six months. The authorities decided to impound the vehicle but upon searching the RV, they were said to have found “methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.”

DeBarge was “booked for possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.” The singer was later released from jail. During his previous arrest, DeBarge reportedly used his family member’s name. In April 2020, DeBarge was hit with a tragedy and learned that his son had been stabbed to death.

Chico Debarge sang on the classic song by NORE (host of Drink Champs Podcast) by collaborating on “The Way We Live,” that has some very telling lyrics on the chorus.

We’re just some thug people (That’s what we are)
That’s what we are, trying hard to change the way we live
(Change the way we live)
But we can’t take back, cause thats what we are
Trying hard to change the way life we live

Check out the song below.